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HoverCam Ultra 10 Wireless Document Camera

by HoverCam
Price $816.00

HoverCast Wireless, 16 MP, HDMI, 7" Touch Screen, Type C USB, Compatibility With All Displays, Set to 4K @ 30 fps output

  • Unprecedented 4K @ 60 fps clarity over HDMI - video quality that rivals blockbuster cinema!
  • 7" capacitive touch-screen for annotation and control
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery for operation without a power cord
  • Lightweight, so teachers can easily carry it around and cast from anywhere in a room
  • Three kinds of wireless:
    • Built-in UltraCast (based on MiraCast), 1080p @ 60 fps, directly to the projector or display without using the customer's WiFi. This is very smooth wireless video
    • Built-in ScreenCast, where students can view 720p video streamed to their devices
    • Optional HoverCast adapter and receiver that transmits wireless 4K video at 30 fps without using the customer's WiFi.


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