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MimioVote Assessment System

by Mimio
Price $1,649.00

The MimioVote Assessment system is a teaching tool which measures and assesses student understanding real-time. MimioVote has the ability create any type of test or import standardized tests during the lesson which enhances class participation as it acts as an activity in class and maximizes interactivity and engagement through the RF response system. With the included MimioStudio Classroom Software, students tend to learn effectively and collaboratively work in a team with the help of its powerful and enhanced features.

Additionally, by plugging in the Mimio rechargeable tray, MimioVote Assessment System automatically connects with the wireless MimioHub instantly enriching the classroom lessons. Another feature of the MimioVote Assessment System is the illuminated response technology which illuminates buttons to indicate which ones are ready to be used.

  • 32 handsets available with 1 MimioHub Wireless receiver combines to give MimioVote
  • Wireless RF connectivity with up to 30 feet range permitting seamless mobility
  • Flexible and simple assessment through a variety of test designs
  • Rechargeable handheld handsets
  • Results can be translated into spreadsheets and lesson plans for clear assessments and record keeping
  • Ensures student accuracy, since only appropriate answer buttons light up
  • MimioStudio Software helps create teacher-led or self-paced testing
  • Teachers have the facility to get real-time results of the polls
  • MimioHub wireless receiver integrates automatically with the MimioVote system, allowing the system to send data instantly to your computer


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